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What is Bowen Therapy?
Dr. Francinelli is also trained in Bowen Therapy, a non-invasive healing technique using a series of gentle, precise moves on specific muscles, tendons and nerves to relieve muscular, skeletal or nerve injuries in acute or chronic conditions. The moves consist of a challenge to a muscle, nerve or tendon.  This challenge creates a release of tension and congestion in the circulatory and lymphatic systems and stimulates energy flow, relieves pain and inflammation, eliminates toxins, and resets the body’s own innate healing abilities. These gentle moves send neurological impulses to the brain, which then is given time to process and feed impulses back to the body to restore its own natural balance.  Your body will progress into a state of deep relaxation and as a result can release blocked mental, emotional and physical energy, which can accelerate the healing process. Since there are no vigorous manipulations employed, the technique is safe to use on anyone from a newborn to an elderly person.

What conditions respond to Bowen therapy?
Essentially any system that has muscular involvement will respond to Bowen therapy. This includes the musculoskeletal system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the genitourinary system and the nervous system. Specific conditions include: acute and chronic pain, asthma and other respiratory conditions, sinus congestion and hay fever, high blood pressure, gynecological complaints, migraine, digestive complaints, obstetrical pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, low back pain, knee pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Is there anyone who cannot receive a Bowen treatment?
No. Bowen therapy is a safe and effective treatment for people of all ages from newborn to the

What can I expect from a treatment?
A given treatment lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. During the treatment the patient is on a treatment table in their clothes and is encouraged to do nothing more than deep focused breathing. The practitioner will perform a series of moves and then leave the room for several minutes to allow the message to transfer from the muscles to the brain before continuing with the next move. In my practice, I have noticed that 90 percent of patients respond favorably to Bowen Therapy within the first treatment.

Why is Bowen Therapy unique at the Holistic Health Clinic?
Dr. Elmira Francinelli, N.D, is a certified Bowen therapist and also a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. These two tools allow Dr. Francinelli to have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic relationships and interactions within the body and the ability to treat the body as a whole. Using both her skills as a Bowen therapist and a Naturopath, Dr. Francinelli integrates the physiological, emotional and mental aspects of one’s self together with external factors such diet, lifestyle and environment to successfully treat many conditions. Often the presenting symptoms are just clues about the underlying cause of the problem. By finding and treating the cause of a condition Dr. Francinelli is able to assist the body in its dynamic ability to heal and maintain health.

Common Conditions Treated by Bowen Therapy
Bowen can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Here is a list of some of the common conditions that can benefit from Bowen:


Back Pain - Chronic and Acute
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Arthritic Pain
Sports Injuries
Tight Hamstrings
Migraine Headaches – Chronic and Acute
TMJ Syndrome
Postural problems
Leg Length Discrepancies
Plantar fasciitis
Shin Splints
Foot and ankle pain
Hammer Toes
Heel Pain
Knee and hip restrictions
Pelvic problems

Hay Fever

Crohn's Disease

Pre Menstrual Syndrome
Breast Lumps

Chronic colds
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Balance Problems
Bed Wetting in Children
Prostatic Problems
Earache and Ear infections


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